About Lubemasters

Lubemasters is a privately owned company that has been growing our footprint in Africa for more than 10 years. The current management structure consists of four Shareholders and Directors whom are proud to be contributing to a greatly transformed South Africa by being a level 2 BEEE rated company.

We have combined our expertise in the various fields of fluid handling systems such as hydraulics, hoses, fittings and lubrication systems in order to offer the most comprehensive fluid management service to our valued customers.



Lubemasters has already proven that we are a powerful force to contend with in the lubrication and filtration world, already having built strong ties with market leading companies as well as various other high-profile brands.  We believe in building lasting relationships with customers that will ensure that we will always be the backbone of their fluid management.


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Lubemasters specializes in the supply and installation of fuel and lubrication handling
systems done by an experienced field service team that delivers a turn-key
lubrication solution to the Mining, Trucking and other industrial industries.

New Supplies & repairs 

• Pumps • Motors • Valves • Electronic control components • Gauges

• Cylinders •Actuators • Coolers • Seals and gaskets

Suppliers of  Turbo shield covers for any type of machines.

• Chrome Impellers • Rubber Impellers • Cover and Frame plate liners • Throat bushes • Bearing assemblies (Service exchange)

• Shaft sleeves • O-rings • Expeller rings • Impeller rings • Casings • Casing wearing rings • Volute seal • Glands

• Oil Sampling • Vibration Monitoring • Infra-red Monitoring • Laser Alignment • Auto lube & Temperature Reports

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We offer our quality services 24 hours a day 365 days a year and are always by your side assisting you in taking total control of your fluid management program.

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